SomniLight Rechargeable Amber Book Light


Our warmest commercially available book light is perfect for evening reading with both traditional books and e-books.
Amber light causes less eye strain than blue light and helps protect melatonin production for better sleep.
Free A/C and USB charger. Fully rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 20 hours of reading between charges.


SomniLight’s rechargeable amber e book gentle clips completely to books, notepads, and e-readers to supply a calming night time enjoy. This gentle makes use of particularly designed local amber LEDs to supply a heat colour-temperature gentle, very similar to candlelight. Like candlelight, our amber e book lighting emit simplest lengthy wavelength gentle (peaking at 592 nM), Unfastened from the blue wavelengths that may block melatonin manufacturing and disrupt wholesome sleep styles. Research counsel that the usage of amber gentle at evening can lead to as much as 90 mins of higher melatonin manufacturing and as much as an hour extra sleep in keeping with evening!
Our warmest commercially to be had e book gentle is very best for night time studying with each conventional books and e-books.
Amber gentle reasons much less eye pressure than blue gentle and is helping offer protection to melatonin manufacturing for higher sleep.
Unfastened A/C and USB charger. Totally rechargeable lithium ion battery for as much as 20 hours of studying among fees.
gentle heads with a complete of 8 local amber LEDs.
brightness settings.

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