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How to market your YouTube channel smartly?

A YouTube audience is critical to the success of your videos. Here’s how you can promote your YouTube channel for free and drum up interest for your content. For travel bloggers who love exploring new places, install a ford map update in your car’s navigation system. Explore new places without getting lost and promote your new travel vlogs by implementing the advice in this article.

Some might argue that marketing a YouTube channel means your content will not gain organic views. The same might have been true if the year was 2008.

The Internet has become a source of unlimited content today. Videomakers, YouTubers, or creators may be great at what they do, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be successful. The question today is also who can promote their YouTube videos the best.

YouTube receives 500 hours of video uploads every single day, which inherently raises the competition, requiring your videos and channel to be promoted efficiently. We will focus on freeways of YouTube video promotion for this post and exclude paid methods. Paid methods are a whole other story.

Free YouTube Video Promotion through SEO

Unless you’ve been involved in online marketing for a while, SEO might seem like jargon to you. SEO means “search engine optimization,” despite how intimidating acronyms may seem.

YouTube is not only a video-sharing platform – it is also a search engine – actually, it is the second-most popular search engine globally, with 50% more searches than Yahoo. Every day, people around the world look to YouTube when they need a solution to a problem or a tip.

Promote your YouTube homepage and dominate your competitors with these five simple tips.

You should have no problem promoting YouTube videos for free by using the YouTube website. Here are some step-by-step instructions:

Search for the keyword

In SEO, keywords are translated from the main topic into the main phrase.

To understand what keywords are, think about how you search on YouTube for content and use a specific term to do so. As a result, promoting your YouTube channel should begin with identifying user intent and creating a list of possible keywords you think searchers will be searching for.

Search engine optimization tools are available in hundreds to help you identify the search terms and keywords users are using. You might consider using AnswerThePublic or Ubersuggest if you’re a beginner. Their ease-of-use, intuitive nature, and ability to promote videos on YouTube for free making them an excellent choice.

Create an intriguing headline

You should use your main keyword in your video title once you have identified it. Adding these details to your content is where SEO gets tricky for beginners since you already have the data.

Your video’s title should also include your main keyword, preferably first, and be catchy and natural, with keyword optimization.

Write a short description.

Creating content and uploading it to YouTube with a catchy title might seem like it would be enough for some. Video descriptions provide information to your viewers and allow you to include relevant keywords, which will help you improve your ranking on YouTube search results. Adding a few related keywords to your description will help you get the most traffic. 

You may have to mention in the description the game’s title specifically, or maybe even the company that is releasing it, when posting a video about a new video game coming out.

Add tags to your content.

The YouTube tags act as guides for the YouTube algorithm so it can understand the content of your video and deliver it as related content alongside videos from other YouTubers.

They indeed play an essential role in YouTube search results, as well as how high your videos will rank.

On the other hand, YouTubers sometimes use irrelevant keywords to rank high while tricking the platform. Beware! This is spam, and you may even receive a penalty. Search engines never forget!

Free social media marketing tactics for YouTube videos

It’s the same old story, as you know. If you’re not in those places, there’s no point in being on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. You will find plenty of information and people, as well, in this interconnected world.

As a result, social media sites are not just for promoting YouTube videos. Let us consider the two most popular networks, namely Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook marketing for YouTube channels

Take a look at your Facebook feed to see how many different kinds of content are available. Videos are one of them, along with photos and status updates. Despite Facebook’s 2.6 billion active users, it has remained the king of users for decades.

You want to upload your video to Facebook as soon as possible. You can share your video on Facebook simply by clicking the “Post on Facebook” button under your video – don’t forget to tell your viewers to go ahead and share it on their profiles.

Facebook can be used to promote your YouTube channel. There are millions of articles on the subject. You still search, however, because the information available is either expensive or requires hundreds of dollars in advertising. However, if you follow the tips we mentioned above, you will be able to promote your videos for free.

Instagram promotion for YouTube channels

Instagram is the most popular social media platform of our time. The platform might not have Facebook’s user base, but with 56.8% of its users between 18 and 34, it has a dynamic and influential audience. You want that audience.

Follow these steps, and you will be able to promote your YouTube videos on Instagram for free. So here are the steps:

● Become a professional user: Instagram users can become professionals easily by claiming a professional account. You can choose your area of interest by going to your profile setting and requesting a professional account. A professional account will give you access to tools that will help you understand your profile better.

● Now that you’re a professional Instagram user (how fancy! ), you can access your profile analytics. With these analytics, you can determine who your audience is, what content to publish to engage them, and how your content is being consumed by Instagram users.